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Liability Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance, Dental Malpractice Insurance, professional liability insurance, E&O insurance. Malpractice insurance is there to protect an insured professional from the possibility of a catastrophic financial loss due to malpractice. In the event a professional commits malpractice and becomes legally obligated to pay damages to a third party, your professional liability policy will defend you in the suit.

A leader in the medical malpractice arena for over 45 years.

Many agencies have come and gone since we first started offering medical malpractice insurance in 1972. Our experienced agents have the market knowledge and expertise to guide your company through both the hard and soft markets we have experienced in the last 45 years. Our medical malpractice team is dedicated to working with you and your staff to develop the most competitive, comprehensive insurance program available.

Price should not be the only factor.

Our medical malpractice team will evaluate each carrier quote based on their financial strength, policy form, defense philosophy and premium with every recommendation we make. This philosophy has been in force in our firm since we first started offering malpractice insurance in 1972.

It is increasingly important for the liability insurer you choose to be well established, financially stable, and devoted to safeguarding policyholders from meritless claims.

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